And So The Work Begins

by Island LifeSept 8th, 2019

Well it’s pretty well documented now that Drake’s Island is under new ownership. You may have seen our very own Morgan Phillips outlining his vision across both local and national media; the vision that will ultimately see Drake’s Island brought back to life with a Hotel and Spa, along with a Heritage/Visitors centre and, once again, being accessible to the people of Plymouth and beyond.

So where do we start? As you may imagine, having sat dormant for the last thirty years, the island is not in the best of conditions and, at present, it is not a safe environment for public access. With that said, we cannot immediately start to clear the island for all to access. We must first consider safety and also consider the wildlife, who have made their home on the island. To help us in our quest we have commissioned a number of regular ecology surveys, which will enable us to proceed cautiously and maintain the eco-structure of the island.

We are pleased that progress is being made, even when it appears that nothing is happening. Our GUIK team are working tirelessly behind the scenes and are seeking specialist advice regarding ecology, accessibility, safety and a host of other important factors that have to be satisfied.

Island Life will bring you regular updates and photographs both here and throughout our social media channels, keeping you ‘the Drake’s Island Community’ informed of the progress we are making.