Ask Morgan - Question Two

by Island LifeJan 7th, 2020

With the Christmas festivities now over and the New Year in full swing, we thought it would be a great time for another in our series of 'Ask Morgan'. Our second question in the series is:

What progress with charities and other organisations?

We’ve been working with a number of charities, talking to them about how we could potentially help them going forward in terms of maybe doing tours around the island once we have the necessary safety provisions in place. We are working on a number of things so far throughout the city and that includes trying to engage with as many charities as we can. A great example of this has been the really positive discussions and agreements we have in place with the Ocean Conservation Trust which is very exciting

There are two schools of thought on engaging with charities. You can either do one charity and just throw everything at that or you can open it up. With so many stakeholders involved in the future of the island, it makes sense to spread it around a little bit and talk to each of them.

One of the things we did recently with Saltram Rotary Club was to organise a supervised beach clean along with Plymouth Beach Clean. A group of really nice people came out one Sunday morning and got stuck in. We thought we were going to find a lot of crisp packets and plastic bottles. Actually what they found was lots of fishing nets and tractor tyres! How tractor tyres are out there I don’t know but they were!

All in all, it has been really positive. We are having plenty of discussions at the moment with all sorts of organisations and the response has been hugely encouraging.