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Drake’s Island is under new ownership and after many years of sitting dormant, ​it is set to be brought back to life. The island's development​s will build ​upon the previous owners planned Hotel and Spa​. It will include a heritage centre, which will have an added emphasis on accessibility for all ​and the island will be opened up, once again​, to the people of Plymouth.

The six-acre plot sits just 600m from the Plymouth shoreline. It has a rich history with the city and has played a significant role in the ​aiding Plymouth's defence from potential French and Spanish invasions during the late ​ Sixteenth Century, and​ during the conflict of the two World Wars of the 20th Century. More recently, the Island has had ​various uses ending with an adventure training facility, which closed in 1989.

Now some 30 years later, Drake’s Island is about to embark on its next adventure​; it is one that will not only protect it for generations to come but ​one that will ​offer locals and tourists the ​opportunity to explore the hidden tunnels and ​forgotten buildings.

Our long-term project will remain sensitive to ​the island's wildlife and remain true to its history. ​The future for Drake's Island is going to be an exciting one and we will ensure that it is very much The Jewel in Plymouth Sound for many years to come.

The future of Drake's Island


Drake's Island is under new ownership and our aim is to once again make it accessible to the people of Plymouth by building on and adding to the original planning consent obtained by Rotolok. Like the island itself, this website will continue to develop as we learn more about the island and what we are able to achieve.



Known originally as St Michael’s Island, Drake's Island has a rich and varied history and has formed an integral part of Plymouth’s sea defences since the 16th Century. The island has served as a prison, a refuge, a religious centre and most recently an adventure training facility. The island has remained untouched for the last 30 years. Find out more about the fascinating history of Drake's Island.

The future of Drake's Island
The future of Drake's Island


Island Life is our blog, representing the 'Drake's Island Community'. Here you will be able to follow the progress of the redevelopment of the Island, find out what's happening and how you can possibly get involved in bringing the Drake's Island back into our community.