Last of the Summer Sun

by Island LifeSept 23rd, 2019

Last week started with the official launch of the Plymouth Sound National Marine Park and ended with the last of the late summer sun. In between which we were quietly going about our island business. So we thought we’d bring you an update on what’s been going on behind the scenes.

The team have been back and forth on a regular basis and apart from taking some quite lovely photographs, they were doing so for very specific reasons.

Last week saw our second monthly Egret survey take place, which when fully conducted will provide us with a comprehensive report on their behaviour on and around Drake’s Island.

Also, representatives from Western Power Distribution and SD Solution visited the island to test the integrity of the existing subsea cabling as a direct comparison to when it was last tested back in 2017. This is the cabling that will ultimately bring power once again to the island, so we will be eagerly awaiting the results of those tests.

Finally, away from the Island itself, we met with a forward-thinking coffee company, who after much discussion and plenty of tasters have been tasked with coming up with our very own blend of Drake’s Island coffee… we look forward to the next taster sessions.