Corporate team-building activities are games, meetings or events designed to motivate members of a group or business to get to know and respect one another. Often, businesses use team-building activities as a way to build trust and communication among people who regularly work together professionally.

Even though they look like games, team-building activities are thoughtfully designed to encourage people to work as a team in the workplace. These activities have a number of benefits:

  • Communication: Most team-building activities require thoughtful communication to win the game or solve the problem. Your employees will transfer the communication skills they develop during the team-building activity to their professional relationships.
  • Motivation: Participation in team-building activities allows your employees an opportunity to try something new and refresh their motivation for work.
  • Creativity: Some team-building activities require creative thinking to solve problems. The more frequently your employees engage in creative thinking, the more easily they can apply creative solutions to company challenges.
  • Problem-solving: When your employees have low-pressure opportunities to solve problems as a team, they’ll perform better when faced with problem-solving in a real-world scenario.
  • Trust: Usually, team-building activities involve everyone in the company. Everyone from upper management to entry-level has an opportunity to work together, fostering trust for one another and the organization.

Drake’s Island is the perfect location for team building events. Once off the boat, it offers not only the tranquility of a deserted island but also the perfect setting for a host of different activities from kayaking to ghost hunting and so much more.

Here are the five top team building events on the island

  1. Island Tour
    Bespoke guided tours of the Island. Sharing the history and wildlife of Drake’s Island. Food options are also available.
  2. Ghost Tours
    The dark tunnels and magazines are ideal for our ghost tours and paranormal investigations.
  3. Survival Island
    Pit your team against the elements and learn how to survive in the wild, with one of our survival training events
  4. Airsoft Challenge
    Airsoft skirmishing on Drake’s Island is the perfect high octane escape for a bit of corporate team building.
  5. Kayaking from the Island
    Don’t just escape to Drake’s Island from the conference halls, why not kayak around it and see it from a completely different perspective.