The Future

As of spring 2017, planning has been approved for a luxury hotel complex under planning reference 17/00336/FUL. The application includes conversion of the existing grade II buildings and the Scheduled Ancient Monument casemated battery along with significant infrastructure works.

The project offers a tremendous opportunity for Drake's Island to once again become a flagship in Plymouth Sound.

The current owners are looking at all available options in order to bring the island back into use and are open to all proposals from hotel operating companies and joint venture partners.
Local Authority: Plymouth City Council, Ballard House West Hoe Road, Plymouth PL1 3BJ

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Arrival & Governor’s House

The proposals are centred around the owners committed desire to regenerate Drake's Island and inject a new lease of life into the existing historic buildings. The beauty and heritage of the resort lends itself to a best in class development to take full advantage of outstanding position. This will be done by creating a luxury hotel development, which will restore Drake’s Island back to its key position within the context of Plymouth’s waterfront and the maritime gateway to the City. The unique components of the development have been brought together to fully realise the potential of such an outstanding and desirable location.

The existing jetty will be fully refurbished to provide enhanced access on arrival from the water. The new arrival building on the fore shore will set the scene with its cutting edge design and sense of arrival. Incorporated within the building a glass elevator will transport guests to the upper level of the island – all with panoramic views of Plymouth from the sea.

It is proposed to reuse the existing Grade II listed former Governor’s Island House, Barrack Block, and Ablutions Building as the core for the hotel development. These buildings will be fully refurbished to create a luxury facility which will embrace their character and their history. The buildings will be linked together with a new contemporary glazed extension to create more open dynamic spaces for the restaurant and spa facilities adding to the schemes overall quality.

The Barracks

The Barracks will provide for 25 new hotel bedrooms using the latest in interior design packages to fully reflect the uniqueness of the setting. The owners will work closely with the operating partner to provide for the very latest to attract a broad range of customers to the Island.

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The Casemates are anticipated to provide award winning standards within the existing structure and to offer a view that will be second to none. The original design provides for an inspirational space to recreate luxury suites that have a great empathy with the historic significance and character of this Scheduled Ancient Monument in providing a high quality solution. At the southern end of this building it is proposed to create a ‘feature’ room which will replicate with canon, the building as it would have been when first constructed in the 1860’s.

Within the island centre there is an arrangement of under ground tunnels which were originally intended for the store of ammunitions and safe passage to the Casemates. This network will be utilised within the overall development to provide access and points of interest for visitors to the island. They will serve as cellars and wine stores for the hotel.

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Health & Beauty Spa

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