The project on Drake's Island offers a tremendous opportunity for the Island to become a flagship for the regeneration of Plymouth’s waterfront, at a time of economic austerity so being a powerful message that Plymouth is open for business.

The proposals combine a new luxury hotel, spa and restaurant with a visitor experience and ability for people to access the Island and to learn more about its layered history and role in Plymouth’s rich maritime past. An unusually rich palimpsest of Plymouth’s naval and war-time history lie waiting to be discovered on the island alongside an equally rich and diverse range of habitat and species. The plans have been developed in liaison with officers at Plymouth City Council, Natural England and English Heritage.

The historic buildings on the Island are in a parlous state of repair. The project would restore these with sensitivity and at once offer new uses which will ensure their continued care and repair into the future. Rotolok (Holdings) Ltd would be making a significant investment in the development that would have impact and implication on the viability, future, and maintenance of the Island. The plans also include dynamic contemporary architecture which will complement the historic fabric and offer a new life to mark a new tourism role for the Island – a new attraction that captures the imagination and which will add to Plymouth’s increasing network of fabulous waterfront destinations.