Ghost Tours in Plymouth


Are you a believer in the afterlife and love ghost stories that keep you awake at night? Have you experienced any paranormal activities? Do you want to have a frightfully good time?

Let us introduce you to a whole new side of this wonderful yet mysterious island with our exciting and eerie ghost tours and paranormal experiences.

Come and join us on one of our unique walking tours around the Island or get involved in a paranormal investigation and delve into the spirit presence on the island. Explore the tunnels and up to the top of the island, stepping back in history to uncover the mystery around the ghosts on Drake’s Island.

Not for the faint-hearted…

This year our Ghost Tours have changed slightly, we have reduced the numbers on each tour, to enable our medium to provide a more immersive and interactive experience,
encouraging YOU to tap into the spirits of Drake’s Island.

Ghost Tour Prices

Ticket Type Price
Single Adult £39.00


For all Ghost tours, the ferry price is included.
This tour leaves from the Barbican Landing Stage at 6.30pm and return at 9pm

Upcoming Tours

Tour Type Date
Ghost Tour Coming Soon


During the course of our ghost tours you’ll enjoy a delightfully entertaining mix of thrills, chills, fun and fear as you make your way through the atmospheric tunnels and walkways of Drake’s Island, where you will find yourself looking nervously over your shoulder, ever wary of who, or what, might be waiting around the next corner.

And who knows… you might just be fortunate enough (or some might say unfortunate enough) to see first hand evidence of their existence.

Ghost tour Drake's Island Plymouth Devon
Ghost tour Drake's Island Plymouth Devon


Walk around the island for a 2-hour tour with one of our mediums and learn all about the history of the ghosts of Drake’s Island. Our medium will assist you to connect with the spirits for a truly inciteful experience.


Accompany a professional paranormal investigator, we work regularly with Kevin Hynes of Haunted Plymouth and John Tanner who has worked with groups all over the UK including the ‘Hello Mary’ Productions, who have taken over the Most Haunted Franchise, as they attempt to collect evidence supporting the existence of paranormal activity on the island, using a variety of electronic devices.

Get involved and become part of the team for this fascinating and unique tour.

Ghost Tours in Devon

A birthday treat for Annemarie Kerr was tonights parnormal Ghost tour on Drake’s Island 👻
Thanks to Cathie our tour guide and Kevin Hynes Spiritual Medium for the factual information of the known spirits movement around the island. A few pics and video from tonight just to see if we caught any orbs movement. There is definite activity on the island, although no major freak outs from tonights group of intrigued guests.
Different individuals from the party spoke of strange feelings, wierd noises and feelings of a prescence drifting past. Unfotunately no sightings, although in one of the many tunnels with known activity, Annemarie was freezing cold, but I was breaking into a sweat after a brief sensation of a stitch on my right hand side, felt like collapsing, all the time there was an on and off breeze passing through the tunnel, whilst others spoke of feeling a prescence in the tunnel with distinctive footsteps echoing around us. Great trip, would highly recommend, check out the website for the next event.

Douglas Kerr