On Tuesday 19th October, Drakes Island Warden Bob King, popped over to Devonport Naval Base along with students from UTC and Gary Joliffe from the Til the Coast is Clear, to carry out a beach clean. What a cracking job they did, assisted by members of 47Cdo Royal Marines and volunteers, they managed to clear away 2 skips of rubbish in over 4 hours with some of it being taken back to the school for the students to use in their art projects.

Bob King (Drakes Island Warden) said “This whole event was a great example of what can be achieved for the greater good by collaboration at local community level”.

Not only was the waste removed, working towards a safer and cleaner environment, but the students learned a great deal in practical terms about the effects of marine waste on the environment and they had great role models in the Royal Marines and volunteers helping on the day.

The UTC students, through their efforts were a credit to themselves and their school. Our thanks to go to Commodore Peter Coulson, Naval Base Commander Devonport for allowing this event to happen and also to Lt Col Richard Maltby RM, Commanding Officer 47Cdo for providing the man power.