By booking tickets to/and or attending the island you (The Participant) are confirming that you have read and agree with the following waiver.

This waiver is provided to all Participants via email/link when booking and is available on the Drakes Island Website (drakes-island.com) at all times.

Visitors to the island under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian read and agree to these terms on their behalf and it will be assumed this has been completed if you attend the island.

Participants visiting with children (under 18) accept full responsibility for their supervision and safety whilst on the island. All children must be accompanied by an adult (certain events will have variations), but Drakes Island suggest one adult to maximum two younger children.

Dogs are allowed on the island but must always be on a lead. Certain events may not allow dogs, please check before booking.


Please be aware that the island has multiple steps, steep areas, (potentially) slippery grass and ground, uneven ground, and confined spaces. Most areas are accessible with a walking aid (cane, etc) but unfortunately island is not wheelchair accessible.

There is a lot of walking required to visit the island so please consider your personal ability before visiting.

Access to the island is via ferry which also requires ability to use steps and embarking/disembarking onto potentially uneven and moving surfaces.

Folding prams are permitted but please be aware the island has multiple areas accessible only by steps, including the pier and entrance. Prams will need to be carried in multiple areas and cannot access all areas on the island.

The island has compost toilets only. These have several steps to access them. There is no running water on the island.

There is a first aid shelter on the island which includes medical supplies and a defibrillator, bottled water, and chairs for resting. Please let a team member know if you require any assistance during your visit.

Participants are required to bring any medication they require with them and are required to inform team members of any serious medical condition prior to arriving on the island.

Kayaking/Paddle boarding (landing on the beach) is permitted but is done at The Participants own risk and water sports equipment must not be transported to the island without prior arrangement.

Mooring on the pier is prohibited unless with permission by prior arrangement only.


There will be a safety brief provided at the beginning of your tour when you arrive on the island. Please follow these basic safety requirements below when visiting the island:

Covered footwear is recommended as there are uneven surfaces, debris, and wildlife (stinging nettles/brambles/insects, etc) throughout the island. Participants may choose not to wear covered footwear at their own risk.

Please be aware of your surroundings at all times to prevent slips, trips and falls.

Safety barriers are in place throughout the island. Please do not enter restricted or unsafe areas, and do not lean on or climb on barriers. These are for guidance purposes only.

There is a bin provided and all waste (including dog bags) needs to be removed from the island or placed in the bin provided.

Some areas of the island are very dark. It is recommended that Participants bring a torch with them for their personal use. There are parts of some tours that include confined spaces. Please let team members know if you do not wish to participate in accessing these areas.

There will be plenty of opportunities to take photos during your visit. Please be aware of your surroundings, do not step back without looking, climb, or lean over unsafe areas while taking photos. Please do not disturb wildlife while taking photos. You are welcome to wait for the group to move forward to allow for uninterrupted photos, but please always stay with the group and do not enter restricted areas. Please do not include children in any of your photos.

If you plan to swim or enter the water whilst on the island, please note there are no lifeguards or patrols present at any time. Entering the water in any capacity is done so at The Participants own risk. Please make yourself aware of the weather/wind, tide times, obstacles in the water, wildlife, and please do not enter the water if you are not a strong swimmer. Do not enter the water beyond the pier as this is an active shipping channel and will have watercraft present. Jumping/diving is strictly prohibited from any area on the island (pier, rocks, etc).

Personal property is taken to the island at the owners own risk and Drakes Island take no responsibility for loss or damage to private property.

Children must be actively supervised at all times when visiting the island.

Disrespectful, discriminating, or dangerous behaviour towards the wildlife, oneself, team members or other visitors to the island will result in immediate removal from the island at additional cost to the participant causing disruption.

Please follow the instructions of all team members at all times.


  1. The Participant will be participating in the following activity: Visit to Drakes Island (the “Activity”) provided by the Activity Provider.


  1. Being of lawful age and in consideration of being permitted to participate in the Activity, the Participant releases and forever discharges the Activity Provider, its owners, directors, officers, employees, agents, assigns, legal representatives, and successors from all manner of actions, causes of action, debts, accounts, bonds, contracts, claims, and demands for or by reason of any injury to person or property, including injury resulting in the death of the Participant, which has been or may be sustained as a consequence of the Participant’s participation in the Activity, except for personal injuries resulting from the negligence of the Activity Provider.
  2. The Participant understands that the Participant would not be permitted to participate in the Activity unless the Participant reads this Waiver.


  1. The Participant acknowledges that this Waiver is given with the express intention of effecting the extinguishment of certain obligations owed to the Participant by the Activity Provider, and with the intention of binding the Participant’s spouse, heirs, executors, administrators, legal representatives, and assigns.


  1. The Participant acknowledges to the Activity Provider that the Participant does not have any physical limitations, medical ailments, or physical or mental disabilities that would limit or prevent the Participant from participating in the Activity. And that if they choose to participate despite any limitations, that it would be at The Participants own risk.


  1. The Participant acknowledges and agrees with the Activity Provider that: (1) the Activity Provider has given the Participant sufficient time to carefully read this Waiver, (2) the Participant has been given the opportunity and has been encouraged to seek independent legal advice prior to signing this Waiver, (3) the Participant fully understands the risks and claims that the Participant is waiving to participate in the Activity, (4) the Participant is freely and voluntarily executing this Waiver, and (5) the Participant is forever prevented from suing or otherwise claiming against the Activity Provider for any property loss or personal injury that the Participant may sustain while participating in or preparing for the Activity, except for any personal injury arising from the negligence of the Activity Provider.


  1. This Waiver will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Country of England.

By attending Drakes Island you (The Participant) are confirming you have read and agree to the above terms and conditions.