Be one of the first to set foot on Drake’s Island in 30 years as we open for exclusive guided tours.

Start your tour from Mount Batten pier and take the ferry through the Sound to the Island. Keep you eyes peeled for some amazing island wildlife as you arrive, particularly the seals which like to nap on the rocks!

Learn about the history of the island as you walk the old paths, steps and tunnels. View Plymouth and Cornwall from a whole new perspective as you climb to the highest part of the island, the perfect photo opportunity!

Our tour guides are experts and know everything there is to know about the island and how it has played it’s part in history. They can tell you all about the 4 giant canons still on the island, the casemates which make up the large curved structure facing out to sea and the new discoveries we are making every week!

Our tours will run every day with a reduced timetable during winter months.

We can also offer our tours signed (BSL) for those who have hearing difficulties.

Book your tour now using the link below and come explore the rich history of this forgotten part of Plymouth.