As our tours commence we are starting to see the first signs of the wildlife and nature coming into bloom on the island.

The first Bluebell buds are appearing on the Island and hopefully, we will get a carpet of them along the verges within the next few weeks, which make for beautiful photographs.

The Canadian Geese have started to arrive. Pairs are already competing amongst themselves and with Mallard Duck pairs for the limited nesting sites. We should start seeing the Goslings and Ducklings of the successful pairs in about 8 weeks.

The wild Black Mustard plants on the Island begin to flower from May onwards and later form seed pods each of which contains 4 seeds. The yellow flowers add colour to the Island and contribute to the insect habitat. They grow to just over a metre tall and tend to be in open grassed or rocky and shingle areas of the Island with other wildflowers and plants.

If you would like to see the beautiful nature and wildlife on the island for yourself, why not book one of our guided tours and get to see Drake’s Island and it’s natural beauty, oh and don’t forget your camera!