As the first daffodils come into bloom on the island, our maintenance team are hard at work, cutting grass, tidying, clearing the walkways and generally making everything safe in preparation for the first tours of 2022.

Drake’s Island will be open for guided tours from the 25th of March, with the team having managed to bring the price down a little, something we are constantly working on to make the Island available to as many people as we can. 

Departing from Mountbatten Pier, the tours will last 2 hours during which time, you will learn about the history of the island as you walk the old paths, steps and tunnels. Find out who was held prisoner on the Island and discover all of the other uses that Drake’s Island has been put to over the years whilst enjoying spectacular views back across Plymouth and into Cornwall. 

We will also soon be announcing the first of this years Spirit tours and Paranormal Experiences  along with our popular Kids Fun days along with a host of new and exciting events aimed at making the most of our wonderful Island and making it as accessible and open to as many people as we can.