This is such a magical time of the year on Drake’s island as it literally bursts into life. So far we have spotted two families of Ducks and a family of Canadian Geese that have hatched, with the ducklings and goslings seen regularly wandering around the island following their mothers without a care in the world, whilst providing some wonderful photo opportunities, right through until around the end of May when they will be fully-fledged and become independent.

The Goldfinches and Robins are in full song whilst Swallows fly about and the first Orange Tip, Small White, Holly Blue, Peacock and Small Tortoiseshell butterflies have emerged. The Ladybirds have woken up and the first Garden Spiderlings have hatched. The flowers are really starting to bloom now, whilst most of the daffodils have withered, the Bluebells are still very much in flower as are the Red Valerian, Herb Robert and Scarlet Pimpernels. The Sea Campion, Wall Pennywort, Tree Mallow, Wild Mustard, Poppies, Wand Mullein and Sow Thistles have all started to bloom, all combining to make the island awash with colour and birdsong.

It’s little wonder that the island is affectionately known as ‘The Jewel in Plymouth Sound’.