Washed ashore, stranded on a remote Island, no shelter, minimum food and water, no mobile phone and rescue is far away.

Join us for an exciting night of survival training on Drake’s Island.

Drake’s Island Survival Night

In partnership with South West Survival, Drake’s Island is offering the chance to experience a full night of self-reliance and survival training in the wild, within a framework of safety and perfect for adventurous beginners and those with some experience.

Learn a comprehensive set of woodland survival skills, including setting up camp, building a shelter, and making and maintaining a fire along with a qualified, experienced and friendly team.

If you love spending time outdoors or have a yearning to learn more about natures resources and how to survive come and join us on Survival Drake’s Island

Ticket Type Price
Single Adult £85.00
Return ferry crossing £6.50pp from the Barbican Landing Stage
(Booking link supplied with Survival Night confirmation)

Whats included

  • Unique late night tour of the island
  • One night of survival training on an island
  • Experienced survival instructors
  • All meals and drinking water while on the island
  • Basic shelter and accommodation
  • 24/7 emergency support

 The Programme

1530hrs – Pick up times may vary slightly depending on tide times.
You will all meet at the boat house to be greeted by members of staff, then board the boat to head to Drakes Island. Be sure to bring your sea legs! Your survival experience begins the moment you set foot on the island.
In the evening you will set up camp. No luxuries, just a basic tarp. From there you will be taught how to make a fire using flint and steel. This fire will need to be burning all night to keep the team warm.

2000hrs – At this point you will start feeling tired and hungry, you will have a demonstration in how to fillet a fish, and that will be your evening meal.

2200hrs – Depending on the weather, you will be taught how to navigate using the stars and moon. After this lesson we will be doing a spooky guided tour around the tunnels of Drakes Island.

Day 2
0600hrs – Wakeup call, if you survived the night then collapse camp, pack all non essential items away.

0700hrs – Breakfast will be self-made making bushcraft buns (a loaf of bread) using only flour, water, and something sweet like raisins or honey. This will all be cooked on the fire you made, and sustained all night.

0800hrs – we will teach you traps, weapons and foraging followed by making a signal fire for rescue.

0930hrs – We have a team photograph, then we say our good byes.