With the island now open again for the summer season, the tours up and running and our new ferry partners providing an excellent service for both our visitors and our team, what better time to run through all of the opportunities that we offer on Drake’s Island.

Guided Tours

Our guided tours are around 2 hrs long, you will take the ferry through Plymouth Sound to the Island. Keep your eyes peeled for some amazing island wildlife as you arrive, particularly the seals which like to nap on the rocks, land on the jetty and learn about the seagrass that is under your feet.
Your tour will last 2 hours during which time, you will learn about the history of the island as you walk the old paths, steps and tunnels. Who was held prisoner on the Island, is the island part of Devon or Cornwall…..plus much more.

Ghost tours

Join one of our spirit guides, who will take you around the Island introducing you to its rumoured fifteen active spirits, hear stories of the Island’s notorious past inhabitants, recent sightings and unexplained occurrences. Or take part in one of our paranormal investigations, accompanying a professional paranormal investigator, as they attempt to collect evidence supporting the existence of paranormal activity on the island.

Kids Days

We run several kids fun days on the island throughout the summer months. As well as a tour and a walk around the island, children who join us, get the opportunity to have their hair braided, pirate tattoos put on to their arms/legs/hands (wash off ones!) and to sit and enjoy a show with one of a variety of entertainers and whilst the children are entertained, the adults get a chance to soak up the sun and enjoy the views.

Corporate Days

Why not have your team building day on Drake’s Island, we can build the day around what your company wants to do. You get exclusive access to the island, a guided tour, we have a marquee for the less than sunny days and for presentations etc and we can arrange food and drinks packages to suit the occasion.

As we can all see, Drake’s Island is coming to life once again and slowly but surely we are enabling more and more people to enjoy the unique experience of exploring this wonderful landmark and with all profits from the tours and events that take place, going back into the development of the island, we look forward to offering so much more in the future.